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TurtleWoman welcomes you . . . November 25, 2007

Posted by Lindy in Uncategorized.

Hello and welcome to my blog –  

Many years ago I adopted turtle as my animal totem. The turtle and I are both slow. 😀 Turtles carry their homes on their backs for protection; I am a homebody for comfort and protection of my very being. Turtles seem to be very wise and live long lives. I do not profess to being wise at all but I do hope to live a very long life – I have far too much to do in this world and will need all the time I can get. 😀

I want to give credit to Liz (aka MudWoman) for providing me with the inspiration and motivation to make another attempt at blogging. I had begun this blog using a different provider and when, after many frustrating attempts, it did not work as I wanted it to  I gave up. Recently I came across MudWoman’s blog while doing a search for natural building with materials from the earth and in doing so also found a blog provider right here at WordPress.  So, thank you MudWoman. I will be following your blog closely as I too am in the planning and learning stages of my dream to build a home, or at the very least a room of my own, from the earth.

 In coming blog entries I will discuss some of the strawbale homes I have visited and hopefully will be able to provide a few pictures. I also have amassed quite a collection of books on such subjects as permaculture (I have taken the PDC and have earned my certificate of completion for the 72 hour course), strawbale home building,  earthbag building, cob building, etc. I will work on compiling a list of these books plus short reviews for each book.

Turtlewoman also likes to practice organic gardening using permaculture principles, yoga, walking/jogging meditation with my dog, Daisy, knit, collect yarns, read, and write. I will briefly touch on some of these pursuits in this blog but am planning to start other blogs devoted to some of these obsessions. Oh yes, and I’m a bit of a computer nut as well and will discuss some of the frustrations and joys of blogging and using computers in general.

 Turtles love mud. 😀

Namaste, Lindy



1. creativespark - December 1, 2007

Congratulations Lindy.
The new blog looks great and I’m looking forward to reading your musings.

2. creativespark - December 1, 2007

Hi Lindy
Liz Again. Just in case you think I’ve taken over my brother Marc’s blog. Never fear, I’m using his computer on my stopover in Singapore.


3. Lindy Barnes - December 1, 2007

Hi Liz, Thanks so much for commenting. I have a lot – as in a tremendous amount – still to learn about setting up my blog the way I want it to be. Basically I have come to think of this blog as my learning curve blog and when I have mastered blogging I may order CSS and customize a new blog which I think is what you did – use CSS. Right now my goal is to get an avatar loaded – most frustrating and should be easy??????

I had mosied around your blogs so knew that “creativespark” is your brother. Hope you are having a wonderful trip.

Namaste, Lindy

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