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Holidays December 15, 2007

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Once again the holiday season is upon us. For the majority of people living in the USA this means shopping, buying, spending, going  into debt. I’m not exactly sure how we came to be in this place but I for one do not like it and refuse to become a part of it.  I try telling my two grown adult children that the best gift they can give is a picture of themselves with their families that I can frame. I do not get this and instead get something wrapped in nice paper which gets torn and thrown out and with a nice bow which I do try to save. This something may or may not be something I can use. A picture would be a treasure. Then comes the issue of what to give them. I do not want to give a gift they cannot use or simply do not want nor do I want to give a gift certificate to a store where they might otherwise choose not to shop. That leaves cold hard cash. A check does not make for much of a pretty package but it is always useful and so that is what they are getting. We give the grandchildren a savings bond each year for both Xmas and their birthdays plus a little something to open. I have sometimes knit gifts which I rarely if ever see again and so I have stopped knitting for any of them.

Christmas tree: there will not be one at our house this year as we are working toward our big move to Michigan this coming summer and thus are getting rid of a great deal of STUFF. The fake tree will go to whoever wants it – free of charge. When the holiday season comes again next year I am planning to put up a live tree with LED lights and homemade decorations.  When the season is over the tree will be chipped into mulch and recycled into the garden – back into the earth.

Winter Solstice at StonehengeMy preferred holiday during this season is the Winter Solstice marking the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day of the year. This year the solstice takes place on  Saturday, December 22, 2007, 1:08 A.M. EST and at 3:08 A.M. here in AZ. This is a time for lighting the fire – the yule log – to bring light into the darkness; a time for celebrating and welcoming the coming of light as the days begin to grow longer.  This is a time for being with friends, family, neighbors; a time for feasting on foods from the harvest. Gifts may be exhanged at this time but they are usually symbolic – giving a gift that has special meaning for the recipient – rather than something storebought with a credit card during the insane rush of the Consumeristic Christmas.


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