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Time Flies January 4, 2008

Posted by Lindy in Uncategorized.

It is now 2008 and as my 2-week holiday break from school comes to an end I find myself looking about me and trying to think of what great and important things I have accomplished and there don’t seem to be any. I have gotten more sleep then usual and this is a plus. I am supposed to be preparing this house so that it can be put on the market but I haven’t gotten much completed in that area. I am trying to go through all my “stuff” as in weed things out and into piles. I have the pile for a yard sale in the spring, a pile of stuff I can use in my classroom, a pile to go to Goodwill, and some of it will even go into the trash barrel. I am trying to keep the latter to a minimum as what goes into the trash ends up in the landfill. What I did do a lot of is read. I went back and reread my 2007 issues of Permaculture Activist and Permaculture Magazine (UK). I am currently reading three books: Endgame Vol II (Derrick Jensen), Believing Cassandra (Alan Atkisson), and Ecological Medicine (Kenny Ausubel, ed.).  Derrick Jensen is passionate and articluate; he does not mince words and does not gloss over anything; he says it like it is. Endgame is a difficult two-volume set to read. Volume I took me a long time to get through and Volume II is taking even longer. These books are full of a sense of doom and gloom. I do believe Jensen is right on and he researches his work with a strong sense of needing to make sure of his facts. But . . . there is much pessimism and despair and I often have to put the book aside after a couple of chapters and move to things on a slightly brighter note.  Believing Cassandra is a book I read a few years ago and decided to go back and reread. Alan Atkisson writes from a bit more sense of optimism although he also lays his facts out for all to see. Our world is in trouble; most of us are not living sustainably and we are producing offspring at an unprecedented rate and those offspring need and want ever more resources. We are caught in a Catch-22 and if we don’t find a way to get off this (un)merry-go-round our world as we know it will most certainly come crashing down on all of us.  Ecological Medicine is a collection of essays by many people who have spent their adult lives working in the fields of ecology and the environment. The book was edited by Kenny Ausubel, founder of Bioneers. This book is based on the health of our planet and because there are so many authors involved readers are able to look at the problems of our world through many different eyes and from many different perspectives.

I have also read a bit more on building with natural materials which is one of my many goals after I make the move out of this house. I am researching the many different areas of natural building such as strawbale, cob, earthen bags (I am thinking of trying to combine all three in one small house), different types of roofs (I want to be able to collect rain run-off), flooring (I really like the idea of earthen floors), solar power (both passive and with the use of solar panels), greywater systems, composting toilets, and the list could go on and on. I am looking at building small and I also like the idea of possibly building many small structures rather than one larger one. I have accumulated many books on these  subjects and have a few more in the mail to me as I write. Sooner or later I will compile a reference list of all of my books on this subject. I am hoping to place all my titles in a database which I can then link to from my blog. This is a big project and it will no doubt be later rather than sooner. In the meantime – back to my reading.

Oh yes, for all of you who know me as being totally passionate about my daily workout I did not let any of that slide – not for even a day. I do what I call my “in-house” workout 6 mornings each week. On MWF I do a 1/2 hour yoga workout followed by a  three mile walk with my dog, Daisy. TThS find me doing a 1/4 hour yoga workout followed by a 1/4 hour weight-lifting routine. I then take Daisy for our three daily miles.  Sunday mornings I wake up when I want, enjoy a fresh hot cup of organic, fair-trade coffee and then it’s off on another 3-miler with Daisy. Even if I wanted to give up the daily walk, which I don’t, Daisy would never allow it.  If I dawdle in the house she turns into a total pest and even gets behind me and pushes me with her nose trying to get me out the door faster. The other thing I have done is knit. I am working on a shawl for a friend who is going through a difficult time and is in need a big warm hug.  When another warm body is not available for that hug a soft, warm shawl can work wonders.

 Here’s wishing a wonderful 2008 for all of us,

Namaste, Lindy


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