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A Wintery Day in the Sonoran Desert January 27, 2008

Posted by Lindy in Uncategorized.

Today is Sunday and I am at home with my dog, Daisy Mae, and the kitties, Ayla and Emily. It has been raining all night and thus far all day. The clouds are on the ground thereby eliminating all the surrounding mountains from view. It is about 48 degrees, damp, and chilly. Daisy and I managed to get in 1/2 of our daily 3-mile walk before succumbing to the chill wind and rain not to mention we were both drenched to the skin.

 We don’t get a lot of days like this here in the desert and when we do it is time to celebrate with comfort food. I am making a crock pot full of wonderfully thick and chunky vegetable soup.  The only recipe is the one I make up as I go along. I began by raiding the frig. and sauteeing, in a heavy cast iron skillet, the following finds from the vegie drawer: onions, garlic, a bit of summer squash, some green and red sweet pepper, and celery. I slightly cooked some carrot chunks in chicken broth. All of this went into the crock pot along with some cooked lentils and cooked brown rice. Then I browned 2 fat sweet Italian sausages and added those to the pot. Later I will add some fresh tomatoes and an ancient, but still good, can of French cut green beans I found buried in the depths of my pantry. I may also add some peas and corn from the freezer. Whoops -almost forgot – I used organic chicken broth for the liquid. This soup along with some warm, crusty 9-grain French bread with real butter and a dark green leafy salad should be perfect comfort food on a wet and chilly day in the Sonoran Desert.  I might even skip the salad for tonight – after all – salad is cold.

Namaste, Lindy


1. Rob - February 1, 2008

Dirty Sue’s Sweater:

Knitting Pure & Simple Pattern

Philosopher’s Wool

Sue’s own color choices, as well as her own ideas on striping and on when/how many purl rows

e-mail me if you need further details, but essentially it’s a home job, not a knitted-as-written pattern

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