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Once a Month (whether I need to or not:) February 24, 2008

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I seem to be able to manage to add to my blog about once a month but no more. I have other blogs but can no longer even remember how to get to them. I simply do not have the time nor the inclination to write/journal so much about my own life. Perhaps this is partly because I find the decisions I need to make so confusing that it is sometimes just easier to blot all out and go read a book. Speaking of books, Liz of the extremely well-written blog LizBiz (see my blogroll), recommended a book which her brother gifted her with for her return trip from Singapore to Ireland. The title of said book is “Pattern Recognition”, a novel by William Gibson.  I checked Amazon and this seems to be a novel of mystery, intrigue, and set in different parts of the world. I am not a huge fan of novels (I need to add here that I devour non-fiction books of interest like a kid in a candy store) but this one has piqued my interest and so I have ordered it through my local library.

Another winter weekend in the Sonoran Desert and it is completely overcast, gray, cool, damp and once again I am trying to dry laundry on the line. Actually, I really like this weather – all too soon it will be hot – read HOT! Last summer we had a record of more than 30 days over 110 degrees. “Normally” (whatever that means) we have no more than 10 days in any given summer over 110 degrees.  This of course makes outdoor life nearly unbearable and runs our electric bills for cooling into the triple digits. The desert was never meant to house the masses of people moving here. Thousands upon thousands of cookie cutter tract houses are being built with absolutely no thought given to the environment with all of the added pavement for streets and concrete all around each house (paradise must be paved dontcha know?), nearly total lack of vegetation (developers bulldoze it all in the name of development cuz it just gets in their way), huge shopping malls that are built with every new subdivision (must keep spending more money to keep the economy strong!), schools for every new subdivision for the zillions of kids (job security) – all this adds exponentially to the already massive heat sink. The Phoenix area has been declared a heat island. Storms actually break up and go around Phoenix because the heat evaporates the moisture before it can hit the ground. And the people just keep coming. I do not live in the Phoenix area thank goodness but 75 miles away is still too close for me. My problem is that my children and young grandchildren do live in the Phoenix area and for me to move back to my soul-place in northern Michigan means moving 2000 miles away from them. I can then add to the already huge carbon footprint by hopping a flight from MI to AZ once or twice every year to visit my family.  Then I have the life-changing decision to make about retirement. I am old enough, I have put in enough time as a teacher plus other school-related positions over the past 25 or so years to have earned a full retirement.  Next month I can sign up with Medicare and in another year I can collect full Social Security.  I have had a hard time with this because even though I will have money coming in – perhaps even more than I currently have coming in as a full time teacher – I am still having trouble making that final decision to do it – to retire. See what I mean about decisions – makes my head hurt.  However, I came across something this morning that made me think twice – and I quote what this person said on his blog, “I’m much less generous with my time, because every bit I lose is gone forever.” Ran Priuer  Ran is very young, very articulate and very opionated and his words struck me with such force I do not think I will have any trouble when the day comes and I have to tell my principle I am retiring. There are so many things I want to do in this world and being tied to a classroom for more years is just not on my “Bucket List”.  BTW – if you have not seen this film do yourself a favor and go see it. If it isn’t playing near you by all means go out and rent the DVD or order it from Netflix.  And then be prepared to make yourself a “bucket list”.  My brother Mike and his wife Dianna saw this film with another couple. After the film they went out for a glass of wine and ended up planning a trip together to England this coming spring.

Time for me to get a move on, do some needed housecleaning, and perhaps find some time to read more of my current book, “Nature’s Operational Instructions”. This is book #2 of a 3 book series in the Bioneers Series regarding biotechnologies. Yes, a nonfic. book of deep interest to me on a subject near and dear to my heart. I am devouring it. When I finish with this one I will continue on to the 3rd and last book in this series, “Ecological Literacy”.

Until next time  – be well, be happy, have a glass of wine, and eat chocolate 🙂

Namaste, Lindy


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