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Knitting as Passion May 22, 2008

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Today is Thursday, May 22 and I have spent too much time throughout this week attempting to get the pictures in which are discussed below. I will therefore post this blog and continue to work on posting the pictures at a sooner or later date – sooner I hope.

When I first began this blog I mentioned knitting as one of my favorite things to do in my tag line in the header. However, I realize I have never written about this favorite (next to reading) pastime. I have a really good reason to discuss knitting today as a new friend, a young woman by the name of Melissa who owns a most delightful yarn shop in Cedar, MI, put a link to my blog on her blogroll. I can no longer procrastinate – she has forced my hand and now I must blog on a fairly regular basis. This is also the first time (on this particular blog) I will have finally gotten my ducks in a row and posted pictures. When I visited Inish Knits (Inish is Gaelic for island) this past March Melissa gave me one of her newsletters. In it was a pattern for a delightful little shawl/scarf. A friend of hers had designed it and named it “Melissa’s Scarf”. The scarf itself is a simple triangular pattern  which begins with the usual 3 cast-on stitches and progresses into a large triangle through regular increases. What makes this scarf so different and unique is the series of cute little “baubles of yarn” that show up along the diagonal edges of the scarf. The technique is simple and the result is dramatic. Anyway, to make a longer story short I had decided to make this scarf and learn this simple technique. Which I did and I have and I promised Melissa I would take pics. of her scarf and post them for all the world to see.

While visiting Inish Knits I had purchased 2 skeins of a lovely hand-dyed 100% Merino in shades of subtle blue to use for this scarf. Upon returning home another yarn called to me telling me it would be a better choice for this particular pattern. A skein of Blue Heron Yarns bulky rayon chenille (250 yards) which I had and had not been able to decide what to do with since I had bought it for another project and changed my mind about using it became the yarn of choice for Melissa’s Scarf. For all you knitters out there you know what I mean when I say that yarn has a mind of its own. Yarn either wants to be a certain project or it doesn’t and if the knitter tries to force a yarn to be something it doesn’t want to be the project simply does not work out well. So, here was this beautiful chenille in shades of pink to lavender just crying out to be “Melissa”s Scarf”. It went together perfectly with enough yardage to make a scarf that is the perfect size for summer.


BTW – Melissa keeps her knitterly and spinnerly fans up to date through her blog, “The Land of Wool and Honey”.

Perhaps by the time I post on the subject of knitting again a pattern will have called out for those 2 skeins of scrumptiously soft blue Merino. However, I do wish now that I had bought at least one more skein from Melissa while I was there – I’m thinking perhaps warm, wooly, winter socks.

. . . and so Namaste until we meet again,



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