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Knitting as a Process May 26, 2008

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Just when I thought I had a brilliant idea to use the “wormy” technique” as in Melissa’s Scarf from my last 2 posts and make a long, straight scarf what do I find online but this:


Oh well – I’m often behind the 8-ball so I shouldn’t be surprised that someone else beat me to the punch on this one.  I am going to make this scarf no matter whose idea it is.  I think it will be cute to make a very narrow wormy scarf in bright colors to wear in winter to add detail to a solid color turtleneck. Or make one in a really lightweight cottony sock yarn to wear with a light colored sundress. Hmmmmm! It would be great made from Flat Feet yarn. Or . . . YIKES! I have far too many ideas without enough time and/or money to follow through on all of them.

Yesterday we drove up to Prescott, AZ – one of our favorite places – to shop, visit, and eat dinner at the Prescott Brewery – home of the best locally brewed beer in the world. That is, of course, in our opinion. We haven’t visited every brewery in the world so we really don’t know this for a fact but they do brew a mean beer.  Anyway, one of our stops yesterday was Studio Three – a shop dedicated to the knitter, spinner, and weaver. They had recently gotten in a supply of sock yarn called “Flat Feet”. This yarn is machine knit as an undyed flat tricot fabric . It is then sent to a little cottage industry in Cave Creek, AZ where they hand-dye the pieces of knit fabric in a multitude of colorways. Although I have a lot of sock yarn this was something I knew I just had to try and so I ended up buying not one but two pieces. It just so happened my husband went into the yarn shop with me and when he saw this yarn he decided he wanted a pair of socks for himself to wear with his Birkies thus the purchase of a 2nd piece. Following are pics. of this yarn. You just pull out the waste yarn at the beginning and unravel the fabric as you knit. It produces a really kinky knit up sock that smooths out when it is washed and blocked. The fabric pieces are knit from 80% superwash Merino and 20% nylon. You can find out more about this little industry at: http://www.conjoinedcreations.com  Studio Three had a pair of socks on display that were in the process of being knit. This fabric produces multi-colored socks without the usual stripes we have been seeing on the market for many years. I’m anxious to get started but must – as in ABSOLUTELY MUST – finish a vest I have been working on for ages and ages. This is not to mention all the other projects currently on my needles but that vest really does need to get done. Then there is that lovely little summer T-shirt in a beautiful multi-shaded cotton yarn that is soooooo amazingly soft. I really should finish that T-shirt so I can wear it this summer. I had planned on finishing it last summer to take to Cape Cod with me . . . Sometimes I think I don’t knit to actually wear anything but rather for the pleasure of the process.

Doug\'s Choice 

 This is the piece my husband, Doug, chose for his socks. It is primarily blues with some brown and other neutrals.




Lindy\'s Choice


This is the piece I chose for my socks. This one is primarily blues, some neutrals, and a bit of red.





Namaste, Lindy


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