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Heaven in my Mailbox May 28, 2008

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Here in the tiny rural community in which we currently live we have no PO delivery service – everyone goes to the tiny local post office to pick up their mail. I had not been to the PO since this past Friday what with being gone all day Saturday and then the PO was closed on Monday for Memorial Day. However, once I did get there yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) I found a lovely “surprise” waiting for me – not really a surprise since I had placed the order but nonetheless lovely. I received from Amazon two of the most stunningly beautiful knitting books I have yet to see: “A Fine Fleece” by Lisa Lloyd with a forward by Clara Parks and “Shear Spirit: Ten Fiber Farms, Twenty Patterns, and Miles of Yarn” by Joan Tapper and Gale Zucker. What marvelous books! I had just committed myself to buying no more yarn until all of the projects currently on my needles and in my stash are done – finished – completely completed! Well, knitters (and spinners, weavers, dyers, quilters, etc) all know what those kinds of commitments are like – fleeting – very fleeting. We are always serious when we make that promise to ourselves but the mind is a funny thing – it can easily forget and/or get distracted. It’s like an addiction. No, it is an addiction! These two books are filled with simply wonderful patterns for scarves, vests, cardigans, socks and more and most of them are just crying out for me to begin them. I use the word begin because I have decided it is the process of beginning a new project and the process of knitting the pattern that I love even more than the wearing or using of the finished garment. It is knowing I have something interesting waiting on my needles; something with character, beautiful color and texture, scrumptious to the touch.  With more than one project in the process it means I can pick up the one that suits my mood of the moment or choose the one that is most portable to take in the car or on a plane rather than the monstrous and still growing afghan which requires me to stay put in one place for a period of time with a clean and special place to hold all the excess fabric. Many projects on the needles also mean that when I am feeling brain dead or want to watch a special movie or show on TV while I am knitting I can choose one that requires little or no thought. If I am in the mood for something more challenging and do not need to share my brain with anything else I can choose a project that requires me to pay attention to it and only to it. So, you see, there really are good and perfectly reasonable reasons (excuses?) for having many projects just waiting in the wings at any given time.

Here are pics. of the covers of these two great books. Google online or go to Amazon to check them out more closely. Amazon does not make either of these books available to view the inside pages. Better – best – yet, make for your nearest LYS and check them out in person and support your favorite LYS at the same time. You ask why I didn’t do that? The closest LYS to me is 75 miles away and with gas pushing $4/gal. plus a full time teaching schedule it really is better for me to mail order when I can.

A Fine FleeceShear Spirit


1. Demarie - July 2, 2008

I just purchased two “flat feet” also!! I found mine in a tiny little yarn shop on my way to my weekend in the woods with my husband… I promised him a pair of socks out of one also… I can’t wait to try it!

Suttons Bay MI

2. turtlewoman - July 4, 2008

Hi Demarie, What a small world. Although we currently live in AZ we are looking for property in the Grand Traverse region. I am a native Michigander and desperately want to return home to 4 seasons, green, and water. I was born and raised in Plymouth, vacationed in the TC area for many years and then lived for a few years in TC. My entire family, as long as any of them have been in this country, are all native Michiganders. I have not begun my socks yet. It has been terribly hot here – hovering around the 110 degree mark give or take a couple of degrees – for about 2 weeks now. Even in the house with the AC on it is just too warm to even think of putting yarn on my lap. Besides – I have about 6 other projects on my needles and am hoping to get at least one of those finished before starting anything new. 😀

It was good to hear from you. I will look forward to hearing about your progress with Flat Feet.


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