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The Critter Kids July 9, 2008

Posted by Lindy in Critter Kids.
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It’s about 110 degrees out as I write – too hot to do much of anything. Even with the AC the house is warm and I do not feel like knitting with all that warm yarn on my lap. I do have a good book to read, Whatever Happened to Ecology by Stephanie Mills. Ms. Mills was born and raised in the Phoenix, AZ area and has lived in my old neck of the woods in northern MI for a couple of decades or more.  Her writing is ecology/bioregionalism based which is right up my alley.  However, I have not written for quite awhile now so will update my blog with pictures of our critter kids.

I have some pictures to share now that I have finally figured out how to work my new Adobe Photoshop program:


Daisy Mae and Ayla

Daisy Mae and Ayla


Daisy Mae is our rescued doggy. She had been hit by a car at approximately, according to our vet, 6 months of age and left out in the road to die. Doug, my husband, found her, took her to our vet (she had a broken pelvis). When she was on the mend we brought her home. That was 2 1/2 years ago. She is the sweetest, most well-mannered dog either of us has ever had.  Ayla, the kitty, is now 2 years old. I found her as a lone abandoned 5 week old (according to our vet) in a parking lot at a local supermarket. She was filthy, hungry, and thirsty (it was July and terribly hot).  Doug named her Ayla after the little orphan girl in Clan of the Cave Bear.  Ayla adopted Daisy as her surrogate mother. She eats from Daisy’s food bowl even while Daisy is trying to eat, sleeps with Daisy, plays with Daisy and Daisy allows Ayla to do anything. Daisy has not shown one single hint of aggression in the 2 1/2 years she has been with us. She does bark if someone strange comes into the yard.


This is Emily sitting on the Kitty Climber Doug made for them. Emily was found by me about 2 years ago at a Kitty Adoption from PetSmart. She is a solid jet-black cat and had been passed over for adoption by others probably/possibly because of her color.  I doubt I will ever get a good picture of the 3 of them together as Em prefers to be an only child. She just manages to tolerate the other two.
She has decided she owns me and usually needs to sit on me.  She is a very nice girl whose age is undetermined (also according to our vet).  All these adoptions came about shortly after the loss of our 12 1/2 year old Abbey. Abbey had been the love of our lives and had to be put to sleep due to terminal liver cancer. We had no intentions of acquiring more animals after that loss – they just fell into our laps and we were unable to say “no” to all these homeless and loving little critters all of whom we love dearly.

Abbey: June 1993 - December 2005

     Abbey was a Chesapeake Bay/Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix who we found in a shelter in Canyon City, CO as a 6 week old puppy. She was our first child, adopted 1 year after we were married. Abbey was both brilliant and beautiful. We loved her dearly and we miss her more than words can ever say.
     That’s it for now. I’m just happy I finally figured out my new photo program – it really was easy once I spent a little time getting familiar with it. 😀
 Namaste until we meet again, Lindy


1. sarah - July 12, 2008

your babies are so sweet, my dog bears just turned 12…I’ve been thinking lately about when her time comes…giving her the best life I can while she is with us, she ate Sardines on a beautiful beach yesterday 🙂 blessings~

2. maggie - July 14, 2008

lindy lovely to see all your family!!! they are all beautiful but those big chocolate eyes of Daisy Mae’s would just melt your heart!!! it must have been heart breaking to have to say goodbye to Abbey but sometimes its the only thing left to do. and at least you have the comfort of knowing that you gave her a great life, along with all the other waifs and strays along the way!!!!
i heard a cat squealing under my car last week and when i got him out the poor thing was skin and bone with a busted ear. he ate a few slices of bacon drank some warm milk and slept for nearly two days in a box in my back shed. johnjoe passed no heed on him at all but at this stage if i brought a baby elephant in to the house johnjoe would be ok with it as long as the elaphant could throw a ball! the cat is right as rain now but i just get so mad when people dump animals off like that in the town and i really wish bad things for them.
thanks for the pics,
regards Maggie

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