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A few of my favorite blogs . . . July 17, 2008

Posted by Lindy in Uncategorized.

A favorite blog that I read every time there is a new post and sometimes go back and reread older posts is Susan Wittig Albert’s: Lifescapes” found at http://susanalbert.typepad.com/lifescapes/. Along with being a famous writer of mysteries, among them the China Bayles herbal mysteries, Ms. Albert writes blogs as well as other book series, leads writers’ groups and generally writes most of the time. Her Lifescapes blog is based primarily on nature, the outdoors, her gardens, touches on sustainability issues, and other things near and dear to her heart. In today’s blog post she mentioned another blog: Sharon Astyk, Casaubon’s Book. The subtitle: Sharon Astyk’s Ruminations on an Ambiguous Future. From Sharon’s site I found another great site on issues of sustainability: http://crunchychicken.blogspot.com/.

Why do I find these blogs interesting?  Personally I believe we all should be reading, listening, talking, advocating, and activisting (new word:) all we possibly can to bring about sustainability on our only home – Mother Earth. Yes, I have read the headlines about the findings on Mars. Do any of us really want  to completely destroy Earth and then move to Mars? Interesting thought and I can think of a few people for whom Earth would be better off if they did move to Mars but let’s get real. We aren’t going to move to Mars after we destroy Earth. First of all, we probably won’t destroy Earth. However, we are destroying the ability of any and all life forms – humans included – to live on this planet. The planet will continue long after we are gone. Perhaps that is what happened to Mars? Perhaps there was life on Mars  but the “intelligent” life forms destroyed the planet and moved to Earth?  And so, I read the blogs, the books, the articles, I talk to people, I listen, and I try to do what I can to create my own sustainable community. I haven’t gotten very far. 😦 The people I talk to are in denial. They cannot believe that anything really bad could possibly happen and that “we will pull out of this” and life will go on as it always has. We will keep driving our cars and buying food at the grocery store and shopping whenever we get the urge. We will continue to take long trips wherever and whenever, and we will continue to eat peaches from S. America in the middle of winter. In short, we will get over the hump, slide over this bump in the road, and go back to “business as usual”.

Whatever platform you choose to believe ignorance is not bliss. We all need to learn all we can and then act accordingly. Act as though our lives depend on our actions and on our decisions. It just might all be true.

Do something for the Earth today – something to help sustain Mother Nature. In so doing you will also be doing something for yourself and for those you love and care about.

Oh yes, and if you have some great sites that I haven’t mentioned based on these issues won’t you please send them to me in the Comments” section of this blog? I would love to hear from you.

Namaste, Lindy


1. Susan Albert - July 17, 2008

Lindy, I agree with you that ignorance is not bliss–it is just plain ignorance! One thing I’m finding helpful: all the connections via the web with people who are not choosing to remain ignorant and who are, each one, doing what they can. You mentioned Casaubon’s Book; here’s another site, this one created by several psychotherapists who understand how much help we need in dealing with these huge issues: http://www.peakoilblues.com.

Good luck–we’re all going to need it!

2. hillwriter - July 19, 2008

Hi Lindy, i enjoy your blog, just found it recently, here are a few blogs about sustainablility, including my new one – you might be the very person to visit it!
from these few you will find bloglists with lots more of the same range of issues, enjoy the searching…

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