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Molly’s Puppies January 2, 2009

Posted by Lindy in Critter Kids.
Molly - day after Doug found her in the desert and before puppies were born
                                              Molly – August 20, 2008
Above is a picture of Molly shortly after the birth of her nine puppies. Sadly two puppies died within the first 36 hours. The story of how my husband found her is in a previous blog post (September archives) as “Molly’s Story”.  Molly’s burns are quite visible in this picture. Our vet placed her on a mild antibiotic to help decrease her chances of infection from the burns and at the same time not harm her newborn puppies. We also used the topical prescription ointment, “Panalog”.  As of this writing, four months later, the burns have completely healed and fur has grown back over most of her scars.
Molly - 12/14/08

Molly - 12/14/08

Molly is now a happy, healthy young dog. Best guess from our vet is that she is probably a little over one year old.  Her puppies have all gone on to new homes and Molly has a forever home and a family – us –  who loves her very much.
It’s been quite awhile since I last posted. As long as we had the puppies with us we did nothing else at home other than care for puppies and care for the other critters in our household. My husband gets up at 3:00 a.m. to go to work. He would feed the pups,  give them fresh water, and some attention, and put down additional newspaper. I would get up at 3:30 a.m. do my morning yoga/weight-lifting practice for 1/2 hour and then clean the pups indoor pen – what a mess!, give them more food and water and some more attention. I would then take Daisy and Molly for our 3 mile walk. Once back home and just before leaving for school each morning I would move all seven pups to their outdoor pen which I had prepared with plenty of food, water, blankets, shelter, and toys. After this I would get myself ready and leave for school by 7:15 a.m. On Doug’s days off during the week he got to do most of this work. The cleaning up process went into full swing again when I came home from school and Doug came home from work. Anyone who has cared for a litter of pups knows that they have seemingly unstoppable appetites, and of course, what goes in one end comes out the other. We went through tons – really and truly – of newspapers during their stay with us. My heartfelt thanks to the staff at my school for bringing in newspapers everyday as long as we needed them.

We had these babies – seven healthy, robust pups – for 9 weeks.  BARC – Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club – had agreed to take them all at 8 weeks. However, when the time came they had no one to foster them so we kept them. At 9 weeks they had foster care for 4 of the pups. We said good-bye to 2 of our little girls and 2 of our little boys. The veterinarian who cares for the BARC dogs has a daughter and family in Pennsylvania. This family adopted the 2 girls almost immediately and so off these 2 little babies went on a cross country flight all by themselves. I was sooooo very glad that I was not told about this until it was all over and the pups were safe in their new and loving home. There were not enough foster homes for the other 3 so we kept them until they were nearly 3 months old. By that time they were almost to big for their pens plus we had a 7 day trip to Michigan planned for Thanksgiving week. BARC took those 3 and had to put them in a kennel for a couple of weeks. That nearly broke my heart but we had to think of the critters at home and our plans with family as well. Of the 3 who went to a kennel the 2 girls were adopted almost immediately and the little boy is now in a foster home – they call him “Mugsy Malone” (we had called him Luther) and they adore him. They have said they would adopt him in a split second except they already have four other Beagles. One of the first boys to leave us – in that group of 4 – has finally been adopted. I have no idea why the boys are so hard to adopt. The pups all look just like their mother and all have her loving, exuberant, and happy personality. 

Molly has now been spayed, microchipped, had her teeth cleaned, and has all of her shots. She is the most loving and affectionate dog either Doug or I have ever had and we love her dearly. When it came to taking pictures of puppies we were just like brand new first time parents with our first baby. We took hundreds of pics. Following are a few pics. of Molly’s puppies:

The puppies are about 4 weeks old here. They had outgrown their nesting box and we moved them into a pen with steps so Molly could get into and out of the pen. All 7 of them are here – peacefully and quietly sleeping 😀


Growing by leaps and bounds. All 7 pups are here but one is stuck underneath the 2 to the right of the picture. They were just beginning to learn how to navigate the steps put there for Molly to use to get into and out of the pen.  The picture is a bit blurry – puppies never stop moving.

Group Picture

Hey guys, I think I found the way outs this pen.

Hey guys, I think I found the way outa this pen.

All of the pups eventually figured out how to get to the top step. We had to modify the steps so that Molly could still get to the pups but the pups could not get out.
Just a little more growth and I will be out.

Just a little more growth and I will be out.

By the time the pups were 9 weeks old they were seriously trying to figure out how to escape their pen. This is the indoor pen, about 3′ X 6′.  We had an identical outdoor pen which we opened up full length and used along with our fence as one side, the house for a 2nd side, and the pen on a long diagonal. This gave them as much outdoor play space as we could manage. We put in a kennel for shelter, blankets, food, water, and toys in the outdoor pen. They loved being out all day – we would bring them in around supper time every evening for the night.
Oh, hi Ma!

Oh, hi Ma!

The puppies were all nearly identical with the exception of slight variances in their sizes and a tad of white on a few of the puppies’ chests. We color-coded them by buying each one a different colored collar. This little guy (below) is Jake. Jake was the escape artist – the first to figure out how to get out and he did – twice. Once I found myself chasing all 7 puppies all over the backyard after Jake showed them the way out of their outdoor pen. Mama Molly is giving the Jakester a kiss while Grandpa holds him.
Molly and Jake

Molly and Jake

After all the pups were gone Molly seemed to have an anxiety attack. This was (past tense) a feather pillow – an old one that had no value. However, it took me about 2 hours to get the worst of the feathers cleaned up. Today, nearly 2 months later I am still finding the occasional feather around the house. After the feather pillow Molly ripped open a fiber-fill pillow which was not nearly the mess the feathers made. Her final bout of anxiety took out the center cushion on the couch. Ouch! Fortunately the couch was used when we bought it 13 years ago so it wasn’t too terribly painful. I was able to salvage the cushion and put a makeshift cover over the couch so it is practically as good as new. Emphasis on the word “practically”.
Pups are gone - anxiety took over

Pups are gone - anxiety took over

Below: Molly, Daisy (in the middle), and our youngest kitty, Ayla. There is one more – Emily. Emmy prefers to be an only child and finds having her picture taken with the Three Muskateers highly distasteful.  I told Doug we really need two couches – one for the girls and one for us. 😀
3 of our 4 girls

3 of our 4 girls

Emily – regally seated on her throne.
Everyone of our critter kids is a “rescue”. They are all wonderful and we love them dearly. They have been a lot of work. In the case of Molly the work will continue for quite awhile. She is young and in need of a lot of training which is difficult because she is high-strung. She is an absolute sweetheart and we have never regretted the decision to keep her and give her a “forever home”.
Below is a pic. of Molly and Daisy together gazing out the front window as they stand on the couch.
    Molly and Daisy


1. Liz - January 3, 2009

HI Lindy
A lovely story and well done to you both for all your care and attention.

You know my dog Coco from your visits to my blog (she says hi to you and Molly) … she was abandoned as well and is also a pile of energy.

I have had her now for 6 months and I think she’s between 11 and 12 months old … I love her even when she’s chewing the couch and all my best shoes.

Sending you very best wishes for a great 2009.


2. white o'morn cottage - January 3, 2009

I have just had a few good laughs and a good cry at your posts re- Molly. Clever dog Molly, ‘cos she found you.
They always find us don’t they?
Have a great year…Pam (I found you by way of Liz Biz, in case yer’ wonderin’) dontcha’ just luv the Internet?

3. Scribhneoir - January 9, 2009

Hi there Lindy, glad to hear about you and the critters, and glad to hear that Molly is settling now that the wee ones are all gone to good homes. She looks so well now, it’s hard to believe that she is the same doggy!
I hope that the coming year brings you lots of joy and good health.

4. dianeschuller - January 18, 2009

bless your cotton pickin’ heart for giving her a safe home and for finding homes for her young ones too.

(Dogs Naturally at wordpress)

5. Deborah Gaj - April 19, 2009

What great stories you have to tell — you sound like me and my sister morphed into one person — I am the animal lover, rescuer, walker,, etc, and she is an expert gardener, herbalist, yoga and reiki practioner.
You responded to my article in the Salida Citizen about my dog Sally — I believe she and you Molly have a lot in common. I love the pics — as soon as I get a new camera that is compatible with my new computer, I want to get my critters posted on the Salida Citizen blog. I cracked up at your description of taking pictures with two leashed dogs — I certainly have been there!
My best to you and your critters,
Debbie G

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