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Catch-Up January 11, 2009

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I’m going to try and play catch-up here with a little bit about a lot of things. My goal for 2009 BTW – to blog at least once a week. Here’s hoping I can do it.

First, I want to thank all of you who have visited, read and responded to “Molly’s Puppies”. The latest word we have from BARC is that all the adoptive parents are saying the same thing about our babies, “sweet, adorable, funny, cute, enthusiastic, curious, intelligent, socially well-mannered, playful”. I am, of course,  thrilled to hear this. We did not set out with the idea in mind to make them “socially acceptable”. However, who can resist picking up, holding, cuddling, and playing with puppies? Certainly not us. 😀


Molly resting with her Dad 😀

This pic. was taken after Molly ate the couch. She actually only ripped into the middle cushion. The couch shall remain with us and remain covered with sheets until Molly has decided she no longer has to literally eat us out of house and home. At that time we may get another couch – but this one is still soooooo very comfy.  Molly is all healed as you can see in this pic. and is obviously in 7th heaven. I think her Dad was about to fall asleep with her when I snapped the shot – he looks a tad surprised (no, he’s not angry:).

My favorite Irish pooch, Coco sent us a doggy “Hi” from Ballinamore, Ireland. Coco was also a rescue and Liz believes her to be about a year old now. Liz has gone through similar chewing incidents – goes with the territory that comes with adopting a young or frightened dog.  We just accept it and move on. One thing about Molly – she knows the minute she sees the look on our faces when we discover a new chew that is not approved of – she is devastated. She gives us the most sorrowful, big-brown-eyed look one can possibly imagine. Our hearts melt.  If you would like to see Coco in action as well as some great pics of Ireland click on the link to Liz.

Knitting: My MIL is 86 and instead of needing anything they are planning to get rid of much of what they have accumulated and move into an assisted living apartment. So for Christmas I knit her a small satchet stuffed with fresh-dried lavender that she can stick in with her undies or linens.

Lavender scented satchet

Lavender scented satchet

My thanks to Melissa owner of and knitter extraordinaire at Inish Knits, Cedar MI for this pattern. I also purchased the yarn from her; an absolutely delightful-to-knit-with Debbie Bliss Primo, a blend of bamboo and wool.  I have ordered more of this yarn in many different colors from Melissa and plan on making more of these little sachets for gifts in the future. Melissa blogs at The Land of Wool and Honey.

Wolf Moon: I went outside last night at sunset to see this moon.  It was so beautiful – made me think I should write a poem but I’m not a poet.

Wolf Moon over Sonoran Desert 01/10/09

Wolf Moon over Sonoran Desert 01/10/09

Used the telescopic lense on Exilim

Used the telescopic lense on Exilim

just another angle. . .

just another angle. . .

 All three pictures were taken looking east and slightly to the north from our carport.

As the rabbit says, “That’s all for now folks.”

Namaste and the best of the new the year to all of you,  Lindy



1. Scribhneoir - January 15, 2009

Lovely photos Lindy, it certainly was a beautiful moon and the mountains look so lovely in the background.
Good luck with your once a week intention!

2. Susan J. Tweit - January 16, 2009

Lovely photos of the wolf moon, Lindy! And what a story Molly’s is. She sounds like a sweetheart, a mom too young, and a dog who has landed in a great place. The story makes me miss our late Great Dane Isis, who came to us after two horrible years in a puppy mill, emaciated and so badly burned on one side that her skin hung off in tatters. Despite how she’d been treated, she was the kindest, sweetest, funniest dog I’ve ever had. She loved everyone, and everyone here knew her. (She was hard to miss–three feet tall on all fours and 135 pounds at her best.)

Bless you for taking in Molly, eating habits aside….

3. turtlewoman - January 19, 2009

Hi Susan, What a terribly sad story of your Isis. It breaks my heart to know there are so many animals in the world being abused – children also. Puppy mills need to be outlawed.


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