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Fog in the Sonoran Desert January 24, 2009

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Today, Saturday, January 24, 2009, we awoke to an anomaly in the otherwise sunny and dry Sonoran Desert – FOG!  I took my dogs walking in it. Adjectives such as ethereal, ephemeral, and ghostly came to mind. This is something that happens infrequently – say once or twice a year – here in the desert. When it happens everyone gets out “in it”. Everyone talks about it as in,  “Did you see the fog Saturday morning?” “Wasn’t it beautiful?”  Since I am working on learning how to take better pictures I went back for my camera. Two dogs on two separate leashes and having only two hands proved to be a bit of a challenge while trying to also hold my tiny camera and take pictures that weren’t wobbly. Here are two that turned out – well, not too badly:

Fog in Aguila 01/24/09

Fog in Aguila 01/24/09

Fog in Eagle Roost 01/24/09

Fog in Eagle Roost 01/24/09

The mountains in the near distance in both of these (above) pictures are not visible through the fog.

. . . and then the fog burned off, the sun came out, we were back home after a 4 mile walk and our girls decided a nap in the sun was in order. . .

A nap in the sun following a walk in the fog. 01/24/09

A nap in the sun following a walk in the fog. 01/24/09

That’s Daisy on the left. Daisy is our resident couch potato. Molly is taking lessons on proper napping techniques from Daisy.  It appears Molly is a good student. Plants in background are showing signs of recent cold weather damage but they will survive. Sage in red pot and Lemon Balm in green pot. If it isn’t in a big pot Molly digs it up. The two tiny pots just visible between the big ones are baby Rosemary’s which I started from the mother plant. They are being protected from the elements until they are a bit bigger.

Time to get back to the laundry.

Onward and Upward – Lindy



1. Rani - January 27, 2009

I really enjoyed your photos. It is more exciting than looking at the cold snow outside our windows. It would be very nice to see grass and plants.

2. white o'morn cottage - January 31, 2009

Hi again, Thanks for your kind comments. I found you through LIzBiz. Seems we both started living in Ballinamore two years ago but never met until I found her blog and we made contact. She is a riot! Don’t ya’ just love Blogland!
How is Molly doing? She sure looks happy snugglin’ up to her “Da”
All the best…Pam

3. angie lee - February 1, 2009

Hello there ,I found you on my sisters blog [whitemorn cottage] im the old schoolhouse,well im not really,im angie and i really had a lovely wander around your blog, thanks again,ill be back ,Angie.

turtlewoman - February 7, 2009

Hi Angie – thanks for visiting. I’m on my way over to take a look at your site now.


4. Colleen - February 2, 2009

Hello! I came by way of White o’Morn Cottage – I of Irish decent and Arizona by way of a father going to California from Chicago and his car breaking down in Tucson- some 20 years later – he finally moved to California!

I grew up in and around in Tucson- lived in Phoenix and still have 3 siblings and one grandson living in and about Arizona (Arivaca, Lake Havasu, Coolidge, and Tempe to be exact!)

I so loved your story of Molly – and there is a special place in Heaven for folks like you and hubby for saving this precious life –

You know, I don;t remember fog in my time in Arizona but the desert never fails to amaze me with it’s beauty and mystery. Thanks for the photos!

Glad I found your site- I’ll be back – my love to all your family of furries and hubs too!

turtlewoman - February 7, 2009

Hi Colleen, Thanks so much for the comments. Fog is definitely a rarity here in the desert. I am originally from MI (hope to return as soon as I retire) where fog was nothing special and usually more of a pain.

Just this evening I received an email from the new adoptive parents of one of Molly’s puppies. I cried when I saw his pic – spitting image of his mom although he looks to be a bit bigger. The pups will be 6 months old on 02/18 – can’t believe they are almost full grown. If I get permission to post the pic. of the pup I got tonight I am going to update my blog with it.


5. Susan - February 6, 2009

I love you fog photos. What made me smile was the fact that you find fog so special that you had to ‘get out in it’. I’m from Oregon. It’s foggy here many, many days. Here, it’s the sunny or snowy days that we find so special.

Funny, how the ordinary becomes the extraordinary because of the geography and weather.

Susan’s Art & Words

turtlewoman - February 7, 2009

Hi Susan, I was born and raised in MI and fog was a big pain to drive in although I always thought it seemed very mysterious. Since the sun shines here approximately 300 or more days a year fog is something really special.


6. angie lee - February 9, 2009

Well hello ,, it was lovely to hear from you ,and in answer to your question yes i am on face book,angie lee dublin ireland, hope ypu can find me!! im new to it , so cant be much help, keep in touch Angie

7. Betty - February 12, 2009

I found you through Pam’s White O’morn Cottage. I want to come back and play ‘catch up’ with your previous blogs. I read Molly’s story…you and your husband are wonderful people!!

8. Betty - February 16, 2009

I came back today and was able to read many of your posts…your pets are so precious! There’s just something about ‘rescues’…they always seem so grateful to have a good home, eh? Tommy (the newest little one) was groomed today; I’ll have pictures soon…he looks adorable!

As I said before, you and your husband have done so much good for the furry ones…thank you, thank you.

9. turtlewoman - February 16, 2009

Hi Betty – Thanks for your visits and your kind words. I noticed that you arrived at my blog via Ireland – and both you and I live right here in Arizona :-D. I totally agree – you do live in one of the hootest places in the nation. We get hot here in Aguila in the summer but not near as hot as you get. We are 75 miles NW of Phoenix at 2250′ elevation.

I did receive permission to use the pics. that were sent to me – one of Molly’s pups. I’ll be posting an update ASAP.


10. Helen Ginger - April 3, 2009

I could see that first book being on the cover of a book. Very eerie.

Your dogs are much bigger than mine, but she could give them both sleeping lessons. She’s sleeps pretty much all day now that she’s 15.

Thanks for stopping by Straight From Hel during Susan Wittig Albert’s Re-Tour.

11. Helen Ginger - April 3, 2009

Aaak, I hit “say it” and realized that first sentence should have been:
“I could see that first picture being on the cover of a book.”

Sorry about that.

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