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Meet Buster April 5, 2009

Posted by Lindy in Critter Kids.

One of the families who adopted one of Molly’s puppies kindly sent us a few pictures of Buster (black with brown trim). I received permission from the family to post these pics. on my blog so here goes:

Buster with his new family.

Buster with his new family.

Buster’s new parents adopted him shortly after adopting the other little Beagle in this picture.  They had read my blog, “Molly’s Story” and decided they simply had to adopt one of the pups. We had named him Buster and  they decided it fit him so it stuck. Obviously their little girl is in love with him. They told us he is a calm, gentle, loving/affectionate boy.


Buster appears to be a bit taller than his mom, Molly, but weighs less. He is about 6 months old in these pictures which were taken a couple of months ago. Other than being a bit taller and the white blaze on his chest he is the spitting image of his Mom.


Molly (above), as described by our vet, is a very happy Beagle mix. 😀     We love her dearly and are so very appreciative for BARC, the rescue group who found good homes for all of “our” babies.



1. Betty - April 6, 2009

Molly is so adorable; I’m happy to know Buster is just as cute. His ‘little girl’ appears to love him so much; I’m sure he is one happy little guy!

Thanks for the update on Molly and Buster.

2. Lindy - April 10, 2009

Hi Betty, This little Beagle mix family has been a huge learning curve for us and one that we didn’t know we needed. We have been blessed with the opportunity to love and care for Molly – she is so very precious. She is our “wild child” and the most loving, happy, precocious, energetic, bouncy, intelligent, funny little character we’ve ever had the good fortune to be owned by. We can only hope that all of her children are as happy as Buster seems to be.


3. Liz - April 14, 2009

HI Lindy
Well done you … making homes for lost dogs.

Love Buster and both dogs look so happy.


4. mehmeh - May 29, 2009

hmm my puppy looks almost exactly like that at 6 months, his dad was a 60lb lab and his mom a 30lb beagle. we think he might be 70lbs or so when he grows up. he’s getting kinda muscly

5. white o'morn cottage - June 11, 2009

I’m delighted that Buster got such a great home and hope Molly is a happy girl now that all her troubles are over. Lovely story.

turtlewoman - June 11, 2009

Hi Pam, Thanks so much for your comments. Molly is the happiest dog we have ever had. She is positively exuberant 😀


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